What is the difference between DBA company and Ifazone?

DBA is the direct selling company and IFAZone is the fashion brand of the company. The full name of  DBA is Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt. Ltd. They are providing a business opportunity where you will earn money in every purchase done by you and your sales community. 

About Asort Company

Asort is the first Co-Commerce company of India. Asort is encouraging young India to fulfil their aspirations to become an entrepreneur. 10 Lakhs plus people already associated with the company and fuelling their entrepreneurship spirit. They have seven lifestyle brands- Ifazone, Mr. Huffman, Earthy Scent, Solasta, Kuefit, ABG, Amiiga and offering the best quality at best prices to their customers. Asort also helping their distributors to enhance their business skills and upgrade the business by providing best training sessions from experts team. Every dream matters and they are encouraging people to be your own boss.

How to become a member of DBA

For register, yourself as a seller partner in DBA you need invite by any existing seller partner but you need to fulfil require criteria 

  1. Anyone who is over 18 years of age and is an Indian citizen is eligible to become an Asort seller partner.
  2. You will need to be invited by an existing Asort Seller Partner for sign up at asort.com.
  3. You will need a valid Government ID for sign up at Asort.

DBA Earning Plan

Everyone wants to earn bigger profits and co-commerce is the true example of for big earnings and a stronger community. With this co-commerce model, you can start self-consumption and fulfil your daily needs. It’s a platform that merges both Co-Commerce & Co-Consumption where you don’t just sell but purchase for your consumption too. You can follow any below-given way to make your community and increase your earning. 

  • Make your community bigger and earn more 
  • Refer products to your Relatives & Friends and earn big
  • Purchase products for yourself and increase family consumption

This new model encouraging millions of people to earn more money and expand the business network. Asort offering everything for daily lifestyle and also providing the earning opportunity to become financially more independent. But remember this is the business opportunity, where you get a chance to start your business without investment.