“Find the perfect fit for yourself”!

Ifazone is a brand of the asort company. This is a fashion direct selling company in India and is registered in the name of dynamic beneficial accord marketing private limited, apart from this they have seven other brands- A.B.G, Earthy Scent, Mr.Huffman, Ifazone, Kuefit, Solasta, and Amiiga. Every brand under this company presents a unique and latest fashion collection for the men and the women category.

Ifazone Brand

Ifazone brand offers trendy casual wear for the men’s category with a wide variety of choices. The collection of Ifazone is a must for every closet with a wide variety of alternatives in casual wear for different occasions like- office wear, top wear, bottom wear, accessories, polo t-shirts, shirts and footwear.

A.B.G Brand- This is the first Indian streetwear brand in India. The full form of ABG is another bad generation with iconic and stylish apparel that is deeply connected with the Indian roots. With this brand, Indian youth can relate themselves and seem comfortable at the equal time.

Earthy Scent Brand- The name already says everything! If you are an ethnic lover this brand will connect you to nature. This brand promotes Indian craft for modern Indian women.

Mr.Huffman Brand- This is the brand for classic men. This is the premium wear brand and they design the finest quality of fashionable products. This is a unique and trendiest brand.

Kuefit Brand- They offer the exclusive collection for sporty looks. With an amazing comfort level, they provide a wide range of sportswear for men and women in an affordable price range.

Solasta Brand- Solasta shoes are a perfect combo of style for your feet and in giving you comfort for the entire day. If you want a perfect fit with every occasion then solasta is the best choice for you.

AMIIGA Brand- This brand is dedicated to all the pretty ladies to charm their look with comfort and style at the same time. What else do you want!? This brand was launched recently and the collections of Amiiga are really impressive.