How to become a successful business owner with Ifazone?

Ifazone is a brand of the asort company. This is a direct selling organization and commonly known by the name of DBA. They have seven fashion brands-A.B.G, Earthy Scent, Mr.Huffman, Ifazone, Kuefit, Solasta, and Amiiga. Each brand under this organization offering the most amazing collection of fashionable products. 

Asort company recently launched the co-commerce model for there business partners with the slogan ‘Business Wahi, Umang Nayi’. Co-Commerce is the advancement of E-Commerce. This model will bring the best opportunities to the Asort community and bring more economic growth in our country.

How to become a successful business owner 

With the new co-commerce model earning and becoming a successful business owner is easier! In this new model, you will get more possibilities to sell products and earn money. Asort online giving you the opportunity to earn money with co-consumption in the single platform. To become successful with the company you need to make your community big and stronger. Share products with your family, friends and loved once and when they purchase that product you will get big earnings. Big brands like- Supp, Abeer, Imbue, Monsoon, Nutriorg, Maitri, Khadi Mart, Acrue Sanitisers & Million Eyes already associated with the company and you can avail big benefits from them also. 

Three simple steps to earn money with Ifazone

  1. Make your community bigger and stronger
  2. Purchase for Self/Family Consumption 
  3. Refer to Relatives & Friends – Encourage Consumption 

New Categories & Products

Asort’s new model providing a wide range of products in the affordable price range. New categories of products giving you the most attractive and big earnings and they make your community bigger and stronger than ever.  

Ever need to your available in asort

  • Home & Kitchen
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Health & Wellness
  • Beauty & Skincare
  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Electronics & Appliances
  • Daily Needs

With the new model of asort co-commerce, you will become financially stronger and your community becomes bigger than ever! 

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