What is MLM Business 

MLM is a business opportunity that involves selling products to family and friends and recruiting other people to do the same. This kind of business is called multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing. In this business, any pyramid scheme is not included. You can join this business without investment or little investment. MLM companies sell their products or services with the help of person-to-person sales that means you’re selling directly to other people, with your convince like- from your home, through customer’s home, or online. This business offers you flexible business hours where your business totally depends on you and your team sales. 

Is the direct selling industry fraud in India?

Absolutely not. direct selling industry is legal in India and millions of people are associated with this business and they are also earning money. This is a popular business in the world and impacting the economy on a large level. This is the growing industry and according to the experts, this industry will reach  Rs 64,500 crore!

Some biggest companies like- Amway India, Asort, Herbalife, Forever Living, Modicare, RCM, Vestige and Oriflame are the topmost companies in India. All of these companies impacting the Indian economy at a large level and they are also providing business opportunities without investment. There are lots of success stories including these topmost direct selling companies but some people spreading fake information regarding this business but direct selling fraud is a myth! 

Multilevel marketing scam

MLM fraud is just a myth. People are earning money with MLM business but before start this business you need to know that this is not a pyramid scheme. If someone invited you to join this business and promised you to provide the fixed salary that is called a direct selling frauds don’t trust those people but also be aware of fraud MLM companies

Best Indian MLM company

Asort is one of the topmost MLM company in India and the best thing about the company they are making made in India products with the finest quality and reasonable price range. 10 lakh plus people were already associated with the company. The best thing with asort you can sell your products as a vendor partner also and earn money from it. This is the first Indian company providing this opportunity. Asort is a renowned company and some people also used the company name for network marketing scams be aware from these frauds and if someone invites you to join the company then we refer you to visit asort.com for details.