What is the advantages and disadvantages of the direct selling industry in India?

Whenever we heard about direct selling business the first thing came in our mind is extra income and a big business network. Benefits of direct sales business are wide and it also offers you the change to make a passive income on the side or full time. But while talking about this business we forget that before reaching to that financial success, it is not to get an extra income and avail benefits of direct sales. 

 What is Direct selling

Direct selling is known as multi-level marketing or sometimes it is also called networking marketing. In this business, any individual becomes a partner or distributor of any product manufactured by another company and recruiting other people to do the same. The process of joining this business is easy but also you can join without any investment. This business coming up with the flexibility benefits of direct selling marketing like- flexible work hours, fixed sales target, from your home, through customer’s home, or online.

Let’s discussed the direct sales model advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of direct selling:

  1. No risk, No investment: There are fewer chances to fail in this business than other businesses. This business is worth to try because the process of joining this free or you need a little amount of money to invest.
  1. Flexible business model: This is one of the best things in this business that you can work according to your comfort level or whenever you want. No need to go office or a 9 to 5 job. You can become your own boss. 
  1. Quit whenever you want: Everyone has their interest level or a desire to become something but to fulfil the goals but to achieve the goal we required money and this is one of the merits of direct selling. While perusing your desired goal you can earn money with this business. 
  2. Informative: You can deliver detailed information on your products, services and prices unlike other forms of advertising. 

Direct selling advantages and disadvantages

  1. Success depends on In this business success is depends on you and who you are achieving your targets.  
  2. Suitable products:  sometimes is hard to get suitable or desirable products. 

There are not so much direct selling disadvantages because success in this business totally depends on you and if you perform well then you can avail benefits of direct selling. This business is worth to try but with the right company and the right network.